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"Life is tough darling, but so are you"                                                           - S.B. Henry

"Caroline is a no nonsense coach with a level headed approach to the biggest challenges a busy professional can face. With a portfolio of practical strategies, Caroline transforms overwhelm and distress into fulfillment and ease."

- M. Bollers

"Caroline has a fabulous combination of ease and strength in her personality.  In one conversation, she was able to pull out and really get my inner struggles that I didn't even know existed!  Before meeting Caroline, I was busy being a 'people pleaser' just letting life happen to me which left me unsatisfied and overwhelmed all the time. She was able to make me realize what kind of life I wanted, take steps in the right direction and to trust my gut instinct.  The steps were challenging at times but very small adjustments added up to great changes.  My friendships and love life are now what I always imagined.  The best change is what you cannot see - the clarity and space that is now free in my mind." 

- P. Kucsma

"Caroline came into my life at the time when I needed both a mentor and a friend. She has been an absolute gift in both arenas. I had an instant connection with Caroline, she makes you feel like you're the strongest, most capable, and definitely the most important person in the world and that is unbelievably comforting when you're going through any struggle life throws at you. 


Caroline has been instrumental in helping me navigate the choppy waters of transitioning to a new city, a new career, and frankly, growing-up. I brought a lot of emotional baggage with me to New York City and without Caroline's constant support and gentle direction, I truly do not believe I would have been successful here. She's an angel and a rockstar!!"

- C. Mitchell

"I would need a lot more space to describe all the positive, life-changing things that Caroline has taught me.  I am a senior manager in the Financial Services industry and consider myself pretty successful at work.  While I was enjoying my career, I felt as though other important areas of my life (wife hat, mom hat) were not at the same level.  


Caroline has a patient, smart, and infectious manner… giving guidance without leading, easily helping me to identify and deal with my issues in a comfortable, open manner.  The strong trust created between us was key to enabling me to think, to grow and to make my decisions.  I am forever grateful."  


- T. Collins

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